1000 GMT Dive Watch


UTS 1000M GMT German Divers Watch: Because time does not stand still and neither do you we are proud to offer our GMT Dive Watch Professional 1000M. Sharing the the same all new watch case as our 1000M Dive Watches. Our new GMT Diver ads the versatility of tracking second time zone, using a true GMT movement the Swiss made Automatic ETA 2893-2.

The 1000M rating is typical conservative rating of an engineer. Each watch is tested well beyond the printed specifications. And like all of our watches, our new GMT watch features an in-house case construction. Thick sapphire crystal with A/R coating on underside to insure scratch-proof viewing of the highly legible black dial with signature super Luminova glowing in bright blue during dark diving conditions. A well thought out crown with thick grooves for easy gripping of turning bezel are just some of the highlights. Sharing the same case as our (Diver 1000-v2)  The UTS Case is made entirely in-house with modern equipment. Each CNC machined from solid German Steel The ETA 2893-2 Swiss TOP grade Automatic movement provides an independent 4th hand for displaying either GMT or a second timezone.

Limited to 200 per series. Featuring a Divers bezel, solid case back, or an optional sapphire exhibition case back displaying the decorated Swiss movement. You will find the new GMT diver at home from desk diving to ocean diving and flying in between both. A custom made natural Italian rubber divers strap with stainless steel thumbnail buckle, and an optional solid link stainless steel custom made bracelet. with sliding adjustment clasp and perlage accents and brushed finish complete the package.

Equally at home, in the ocean or on the set of the latest blockbuster film

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UTS UTS 1000M GMT Dive Watch German made Divers watch UTS 1000M GMT Professional SKU UPC Model UTS 1000M GMT

The Road Less Traveled

by E Salloom

Been wearing my UTS GMT for a week now, and it\'s been a great experience. Very impressed with the design, attention to detail and quality. Recently while shopping for a new watch I experienced sticker shock. It seems to me that the major brands are raising their prices to the point that the value is no longer there; and as a result, the experience of purchasing a new watch from a major brand is uncomfortable. While the UTS GMT is not an inexpensive watch the price/value relationship is very apparent. I also enjoyed the experience of buying from a smaller watch manufacturer. I felt that it suited my contrarian personality. I also wanted to thank Stephen for his great service.

GMT - The owning experience

by John Moore

I have just received my GMT - number XXX/200.
It's difficult to over-state the immense sense of pride and satisfaction you get from actually holding this masterpiece in your hand. The watch is literally "made for you" and you feel that in every detail. The feel is INCREDIBLE - anyone who's been lucky enough , say, to sit in a high-end Ferrari knows this feeling - but it goes deeper than that because of it's powerful subtlety : this is a watch that makes you think " Why in the world would anyone invest in the mass market, over priced, clone-like, personality-free hype of the "Happy Meal" blandness and over-saturation of Rolex. Omega, Breitling? I happen to own all these watches and all I want to do now is sell them to any sucker that will have them so I can use the cash to buy another UTS! The US owner Stephen Newman PERSONALLY CALLED ME within 20 minutes of receiving the watch to ensure I was happy with my watch! I mean, seriously, where do you get that level of customer care? He makes you feel like you have joined a family and will ALWAYS be looked after. Incredible, truly incredible. If you are at all thinking about buying a UTS, if you are at all sitting on the fence and considering something else : jump off the fence and immerse yourself in this ownership experience while you still can, because, like the man says "When they're gone, they're gone"

5.0 5.0 17 17 I have owned this watch for over year now and in that time have only grown increasingly happy with my purchase. I own a Tag and was considering a Rolex before UTS and am thrilled t UTS 1000M GMT Dive Watch

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