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3000M Dive Watch

German made 3000M diver

The original German Made UTS 3000M Divers Watch.

When it comes to Dive Watches UTS started out deep,  3,000M to be exact. Believe it or not this is the first divers watch UTS made. Made as a technical challenge to mechanical engineer Herr. Spinner. And built like no other divers watch on the market, achieving the extreme depth rating of 3,000M without the use of a Helium Escape Valve! And Still made today by hand.

The massive 42MM solid surgical grade stainless steel case with 5MM thick A/R coated sapphire crystal is extreme yet elegant. The UTS 3000M Diver has no equal.  With a divers watch bezel affixed by screws locks by a ceramic ball bearing mechanism at 2’Oclock. A screw down crown is located at 3’Oclock;  And because extreme depths require extreme engineering, the 5MM thick sapphire crystal is not only glued into the case it is held in by a massive stainless steel ring further affixed by 7 additional hex screws. Like all UTS Watches our in-house made case is built on premises in Germany.

The 3000M rating is typical conservative rating of an engineer. Each watch is tested well beyond the printed specifications. All of our watches feature our in-house case construction.  Thick sapphire crystal with A/R coating on underside to insure scratch-proof viewing of the highly legible dial.  A well thought out crown with thick grooves for easy gripping of turning bezel are just some of the highlights. For the UTS 3000M price contact us.

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3000M Dive Watch made in Germany by UTS 3000M Dive Watch made in Germany by UTS 3000M Dive Watch made in Germany by UTS SKU UPC Model


by Robert D

I am a huge fan of UTS watches. The UTS 3000M, of which I own two, is the epitome of dive watch design. Completely unique and functional. I have owned many watches over the years (Rolex, A/P, on and on) which are now gone, but I would never part with either of the UTS 3000Ms. The quality and service are unmatched.

The watch I've been waiting for

by Markus E

I decided to buy a new divers this year and did a lot of research online. The UTS 3000M came up in a search and I had never heard of the brand before. It was down to the Rolex Deep Sea, but I wanted to get more info on this UTS 3000M Diver and I\'m very glad I did! I love this watch it is unlike any watch I have seen before let alone owned. The bezel is not a typical divers bezel it can be locked and turns left or right. The white dial is very legible and glows very bright. The watch is very accurate and if I ever dive to 3,000m I know I will be covered!

5.0 5.0 11 11 The 3000m Professional is an outstanding watch. The design is elegant and functional. Construction without a Helium relief valve makes it a cut above the rest - what a truly great 3000M Dive Watch made in Germany by UTS

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