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3000M Dive Watch

German made 3000M diver

The original German Made UTS 3000M Divers Watch.

When it comes to Dive Watches UTS started out deep,  3,000M to be exact. Believe it or not this is the first divers watch UTS made. Made as a technical challenge to mechanical engineer Herr. Spinner. And built like no other divers watch on the market, achieving the extreme depth rating of 3,000M without the use of a Helium Escape Valve! And Still made today by hand.

The massive 42MM solid surgical grade stainless steel case with 5MM thick A/R coated sapphire crystal is extreme yet elegant. The UTS 3000M Diver has no equal.  With a divers watch bezel affixed by screws locks by a ceramic ball bearing mechanism at 2’Oclock. A screw down crown is located at 3’Oclock;  And because extreme depths require extreme engineering, the 5MM thick sapphire crystal is not only glued into the case it is held in by a massive stainless steel ring further affixed by 7 additional hex screws. Like all UTS Watches our in-house made case is built on premises in Germany.

The 3000M rating is typical conservative rating of an engineer. Each watch is tested well beyond the printed specifications. All of our watches feature our in-house case construction.  Thick sapphire crystal with A/R coating on underside to insure scratch-proof viewing of the highly legible dial.  A well thought out crown with thick grooves for easy gripping of turning bezel are just some of the highlights. For the UTS 3000M price contact us.

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3000M Dive Watch made in Germany by UTS 3000M Dive Watch made in Germany by UTS 3000M Dive Watch made in Germany by UTS SKU UPC Model

A League of its own.....(a very deep one!)

by R.C. Woodberry

As with all UTS watches (I now own four, and soon probably more!!!) the 3000M diver is the ultimate expression of serious engineering; the guiding principle to every aspect in the design and execution at UTS----some of the most solid timepieces that have ever been made.

True to its German heritage, the practical details of these master-time-keepers are the subtle expression of ingenuity and innovation; the counter-sunk hex screws are more than beautiful: they are sensible.

I recommend UTS whole-heartedly & without reservation whatsoever. Stephen Newman is a pleasure to do business with, and is as timely as the timepieces he is representing when delivery is being made.

If you are sincerely interested in owning a watch worth owning at any price, have no desire to call unnecessary attention to the end of your arm with something that doesn\'t even look like a watch or is far too \'bling-bling\', and to never again be concerned about going beyond typical limitations (either by fathoms, by leagues, or by very thick walls) then UTS is THE VERY WATCH to wear...........
for any occassion!

all the best to UTS!
R.C. Woodberry

Flawless engineering and the best customer support

by E.B

So here\'s how I got to UTS - I was looking for a nice automatic diver watch and started looking around the watch forums for reviews...I got pretty disappointed because it seemed that all the mainstream brands suffered of some quality control issue - you could get your watch and be happy or start a painful story of \"send it back to , wait some months to have it back, cross your fingers\"; only exception was Rolex but their prices are honestly out of my reach. Enters UTS - I read the story of the German gentleman, Mr. Spinner, designing and making his watches from scratch and was fascinated; all the reviews I found were more than positive; no quality control issues reported; the price was also more than fair if you consider the \"one man making\". One last thing to check, customer support - let me tell you, Stephen is as good as it gets - never took more than 24 hours to have an answer and it\'s always been very kind and informed; the watch comes in a very nice Pelican hard case and Stephen was so nice to size the bracelet for me and set time and date! When I got the watch I spent some time compulsively checking every inch of it and could find no flaws. It gains about 3 seconds a day that seems very good to me. It actually rests very well on my wrist. Highly recommended the beautiful steel bracelet - more weight on your wrist but it balances the watch very well; also made by Mr. Spinner, I understand.

5.0 5.0 11 11 The 3000m Professional is an outstanding watch. The design is elegant and functional. Construction without a Helium relief valve makes it a cut above the rest - what a truly great 3000M Dive Watch made in Germany by UTS

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