1000M GMT

UTS 1000M GMT German Divers Watch: Because time does not stand still and neither do you we are proud to offer our GMT Dive Watch Professional 1000M. Of course like all of our watches made in Germany it is made in-house. Sharing the the same all new watch case as our 1000M Dive Watches. Our new GMT Diver ads the versatility of tracking second time zone, using a true GMT movement the Swiss made Automatic ETA 2893-2.

  • German Made Stainless Steel Case 1.4404
    Brushed finish
    Diameter: 43mm bezel
    14,5mm height
    155gram weight (on rubber strap)
    255gram weight with bracelet (no links removed)
    Swiss ETA 2893-2 GMT Automatic Movement, TOP Grade
    Super-Luminova applied markers
    Super-Luminova applied hands
    Multiple industrial grade seals.
    60 position ccw rotating Divers Bezel
    Screw down crown
    A/R Coated Sapphire crystal front
    Sapphire crystal back (optional)
    1000M / 100 bar rated
    Solid case back affixed by hex screws
    Milled steel lugs affixed by hex screws
    22MM Bracelet / Strap
    Case made in-house Munich Germany
    Assembled in-house Munich Germany
    Package: Indestructible Case

Experience the pinnacle of engineering with our 1000M-rated dive watches – a hallmark of precision craftsmanship. Beyond the conservative rating lies a timepiece tested rigorously to exceed printed specifications, embodying the excellence synonymous with German watches.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our new GMT watch features an in-house case construction, ensuring uncompromising quality and durability. The thick sapphire crystal, enhanced with A/R coating, guarantees scratch-proof visibility of the highly legible black dial, illuminated by signature super Luminova for unparalleled readability, even in the darkest diving conditions.

Designed for functionality, the watch boasts a well-thought-out crown with thick grooves for effortless manipulation of the turning bezel. Sharing the same case as our esteemed Diver 1000-v2, our UTS Case is meticulously crafted in-house using modern equipment, each CNC machined from solid German Steel, proudly showcasing our “Made in Germany” heritage.

Powered by the ETA 2893-2 Swiss TOP grade Automatic movement, the watch offers an independent 4th hand for displaying either GMT or a second timezone, ensuring versatility and precision. Limited to 200 per series, our GMT diver features a Divers bezel and a Sapphire exhibition case back, providing a glimpse into the decorated Swiss movement.

Versatile and reliable, our GMT diver seamlessly transitions from desk to ocean exploration and beyond, embodying the spirit of adventure. Complete with a custom-made natural Italian rubber divers strap featuring a stainless steel thumbnail buckle, and an optional solid link stainless steel custom-made bracelet, our timepiece is the epitome of German engineering excellence in dive watches.

1000 GMT Dive Watch
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by John D. on 1000 GMT Dive Watch
Unique, Superbly Made Diver-GMT Watch

My wife gave the UTS 1000 GMT watch to me for X-mas over a year ago, I have a few mechanical watches, and this by far is my favoriite watch. The 1000 GMT is a superb example of very high quality German engineering, sporting a sharp looking, minimalist design with a robust capability to function. It is also unique as a diver’s watch with a GMT function but with a diver’s bezel, which is what I was looking for in a watch, but I had issues finding across the watch spectrum. The crystal back is very sturdy and a big plus as a no-cost option as well. If I had to make 1 tweak, I would use blue tritium tubes for illumination (I like 24 hr illum), but the current illumination does last for several hours after a little bit of light exposure. All in all, a great watch, and due to the small, hand crafted numbers of watches made, a very unique, quality piece that will stand out in any watch crowd.

by Jim Holt on 1000 GMT Dive Watch
Finally a great divers watch !!

I have owned several divers watches (Submariner, seamaster, Seiko marinemaster, etc.)over the years, but this is truly the first I would consider a true divers watch. It is a very well made with a lot of attention to detail. This is my first UTS watch, so I started with the 1000m gmt. I can honestly say I am seriously considering the 4000m gmt for my next watch.I would like to thank Steven for such an easy ordering process. Herr Spinner you truly are a great craftsman in the art of watch making.

by GJF on 1000 GMT Dive Watch
Decisions, decisions. ………

After many months of intense detailed reading, I made the decision to purchase the 1000m GMT with blue dial and saphire back.

I can’t believe how truly amazing this meticulously crafted timepiece truly is. It’s difficult to convey the ownership experiene without actually owning one. Do yourself a favour and take the plunge of ownership. This is one incredible experience. I definately made the correct decision. WOW……

by Brian Kolasinski on 1000 GMT Dive Watch
Amazing Watch

I have owned this watch for over year now and in that time have only grown increasingly happy with my purchase. I own a Tag and was considering a Rolex before UTS and am thrilled that I did. The Tag has not been worn since the day the UTS arrived as its quality is clearly much better when compared side by side. I actually believe the piece to be every bit as good (if not better) then similar Rolex as well. The best part is what this company represents though. An independent business, committed to making the highest quality product. On one occasion I had a waiter stop me and admire the watch as he recognized the brand but had never seen one in person. I love that most people have no idea what I am wearing nor its value!

by Steve S. on 1000 GMT Dive Watch
1000 M GMT First Impressions

I have recently purchased this watch. As context to this review I also own a Brietling Navitimer 01 limited edition, Gevril limited edition Avenue of the Americas, Longines solid gold Presence and a Deep Blue RECON T100 diver’s watch.

I will state that this watch is an example of exceptional RAW German engineering and elegance. The quality of this watch is evident in how it carries on your wrist. It is a perfect balance of size, weight and comfort and elegance.

The watch speaks for itself in subtle and eloquent terms – An excellent timepiece and very unique. I value this watch above others that I own.

I would also like to add the excellent customer service and experience afforded by UTS. The watch delivered had its bracelet sized to my wrist so I was able to immediately wear it. The package was delivered via (expedited) Fedex within 2 days. Impressive quality of service.

I would recommend this Watch, the organization and its people who are clearly passionate about making fine custom watch pieces.

by mihaila nicolae on 1000 GMT Dive Watch

powerful,reliable,beautiful.three words that say it all abaut this timekeeper

by JAMES BURLINGTON on 1000 GMT Dive Watch
update 1000M GMT

I have now had this watch for about eight months. Never been hand wound-I wear it. I find the micro adjustment on the bracelet of great use here in humid Hawaii. The watch is running at LESS THAN -1 second per day! Just fantistic. Those COSC driven brands better step aside, there’s a new sheriff in town. Thanks to both of you.

by Keith Law on 1000 GMT Dive Watch
Superb watch

I cannot recommend this watch highly enough.

It is a joy to own. It is both a stunning looking watch, far more so in the flesh than in the photos and functionally excellent. In a phrase, elegance through simplicity. My compliments and thanks to both of you, it is masterpiece. I hope to buy another UTS in the future.

by James Burlington on 1000 GMT Dive Watch
Stunning Watch

I have been following UTS for some time now and finally purchased the 1000M GMT. The watch arrived in less than 24hrs and was perfectly sized with the time and GMT set to my specific time zones (California and Hawaii)thanks to Stephen Newman. Stephan is a wounderful person to work with and sets the standard for customer service across the board. The watch, with a blue dial, is stunning and is running within COSC and DIN standards as delivered. Workmanship is flawless. I cannot recommend UTS highly enough. If you are thinking of buying a UTS watch do not hesitate. Many thanks to both of you.

by R. Mintzer on 1000 GMT Dive Watch
Worth the wait

I have been lusting after this watch since I recieved the email announcing its release. I personally think it is the best looking watch that UTS has produced and that is saying a lot. This is my second UTS and I am glad to say that the quality of the watches has remained constant. The finish of the watch is top notch. I could not think of anything they could do to improve it. It is like handling a new Jorg Schauer, you know that someone toiled over your watch unti it was perfect and flawless. It fits my wrist like it was made for me and is gaining two seconds a day. To top everything off, communication and service were superlative. Thank you Stephen and UTS.

by Sam on 1000 GMT Dive Watch
Amazing Craftmanship

After researching and sitting on the fence about getting a Tag or an Omega Speedmaster Professional I decided that they were too common and impersonal. One I researched UTS I knew they were the antithesis of the big name brands and a perfect fit for me since I don’t spend thousands every year on a watch. Within 24 hours of ordering the GMT it was on my wrist and I couldn’t be happier. It’s the perfect balance of size and weight that rarely is done right, and every detail drips with quality. The pics do not do the display back view justice either. Start to finish a great experience and I’m so much happier to hand my money over to a 2 man outfit that is working hard rather than a jewelry store giant!

by E Salloom on 1000 GMT Dive Watch
The Road Less Traveled

Been wearing my UTS GMT for a week now, and it’s been a great experience. Very impressed with the design, attention to detail and quality. Recently while shopping for a new watch I experienced sticker shock. It seems to me that the major brands are raising their prices to the point that the value is no longer there; and as a result, the experience of purchasing a new watch from a major brand is uncomfortable. While the UTS GMT is not an inexpensive watch the price/value relationship is very apparent. I also enjoyed the experience of buying from a smaller watch manufacturer. I felt that it suited my contrarian personality. I also wanted to thank Stephen for his great service.

by John Moore on 1000 GMT Dive Watch
GMT – The owning experience

I have just received my GMT – number XXX/200.

It’s difficult to over-state the immense sense of pride and satisfaction you get from actually holding this masterpiece in your hand. The watch is literally “made for you” and you feel that in every detail. The feel is INCREDIBLE – anyone who’s been lucky enough , say, to sit in a high-end Ferrari knows this feeling – but it goes deeper than that because of it’s powerful subtlety : this is a watch that makes you think ” Why in the world would anyone invest in the mass market, over priced, clone-like, personality-free hype of the “Happy Meal” blandness and over-saturation of Rolex. Omega, Breitling? I happen to own all these watches and all I want to do now is sell them to any sucker that will have them so I can use the cash to buy another UTS! The US owner Stephen Newman PERSONALLY CALLED ME within 20 minutes of receiving the watch to ensure I was happy with my watch! I mean, seriously, where do you get that level of customer care? He makes you feel like you have joined a family and will ALWAYS be looked after. Incredible, truly incredible. If you are at all thinking about buying a UTS, if you are at all sitting on the fence and considering something else : jump off the fence and immerse yourself in this ownership experience while you still can, because, like the man says “When they’re gone, they’re gone”

by Kevin S on 1000 GMT Dive Watch
Perfect travel companion

Having received my new UTS GMT watch with 24hour bezel last month I have been impressed beyond belief. The fit and finish of the UTS is perfect and I have been able to track three different timezones! I love the sapphire display back on this watch showing the decorated movement. Not to mention the 1000m depth rating should I dive so deep!

by nicholas s. on 1000 GMT Dive Watch
1000M GMT – a Study in Perfection and Value

UTS is to be congratulated both for extraordinary craftsmanship and exemplary customer service, a rare combination these days! My 1000M GMT arrived safely to be opened by a breathless me and – wow – from the first heft to multiple closer inspections since that time, I am increasingly in awe of the watch’s multiple features, attention to smallest details and so on. The light-brown leather band even is amazing. My favorite complication is GMT — that this watch can handle three time zones is ‘over the top’ in the very best way and ultimately very useful. Already my UTS watch is proving a ‘favorite,’ beating out my Rolex/Panerai/Jaeger/Breitling/Sinn/Oris crowd, ja! Pure excellence. UTS is assured of a repeat customer in me!

by T.J Dawson on 1000 GMT Dive Watch
Law Enforcement tested

As a federal agent I need reliable gear plain and simple. The design of the UTS GMT Dive watch really spoke to me. The story of how the case is made in Germany by one dedicated engineer was very appealing. When the watch arrived I was very impressed. A lot of times photos on the internet of things do not look the same in person. Not with the UTS this watch looks even BETTER in person. What you cannot see on line is how it “feels” and the feel of this watch is that of a fine instrument. Or weapon, a very fine crafted one. I wear this watch daily both in the “field” and off the field. It has never let me down it keeps perfect time and the GMT function is very useful for traveling. I travel constantly through different timezones and the quick setting GMT feature is very easy to use. Service from the owner Stephen has been flawless like the watch.

-T.J Dawson

by Markus Flair on 1000 GMT Dive Watch
The 1000M GMT Diver V2 sets the bar.

After hearing about UTS on a watch forum I became interested and began to do my research. After reading about the company history and then seeing photos of the 1000M GMT Diver I knew this was my next watch. My expectations were high and this watch exceeded my expectations. This watch is unique, bold and has a presence when your wearing it. I get alot of compliments on it.

If you’re looking for German precision at its finest and want to have a serious piece of hardware on your wrist get a UTS.

Herr Spinner is a true craftsman. Coming from a German background as well, I appreciate the precision and attention to detail that he puts into his work.

Fantastic customer experience as well. A pleasure to deal with Stephen.

Thank you UTS. I will no doubt be buying another UTS watch in the future.

by Steve Dorfman on 1000 GMT Dive Watch
Great all purpose sport watch

Rugged construction. Great dial. Comfortable to wear.

Can handle anything you throw at it. And it has GMT

function. What more could you ask for in a sport watch?

by David Bernat on 1000 GMT Dive Watch
The Class of the Field

As a watch enthusiast, I’ve owned many of the major names in casual and dive watches; today my UTS 1000m v2 GMT stands-alone as my casual/dive watch of choice. The quality of assembly, proven reliability of the movement (adjusted in 5 positions by Herr Spinner) and highly-machined, purposeful, Teutonic design gestalt of the watch marks it as one of the greats, for divers and enthusiasts alike. Highly recommended!

by John Moore on 1000 GMT Dive Watch
UTS 1000M GMT Is a tough watch

Film maker and Director John Moore (Max Payne, The Omen, among others) says

“I first saw UTS Watches in Watchtime magazine and was blown away by the strong , confidant simplicity of the watch. It seems to have a sense of brooding lethality, like it “knows” how strong, how good it is so it doesn’t shout about it! I’m a huge fan of UTS Watches”