UTS München German made watches since1999 You can read a complete review about us in Wristwatch Magazine here For over a decade UTS Munchen have made high quality German watches. All original designs,  exclusive made in house cases, and made 100% in Germany. You will not find our German Mechanical Watch designs anywhere else.   A UTS Watch is not made in a factory, but a small workshop by just one man. Nicolaus Spinner who still hand-makes each watch. Famous for our Deep Diving Watches, Including our new 4,000M Divers watch  and  3000M Dive Watch, with ceramic ball-bearing omni-directional rotating bezel with a locking crown system. Our 1000M Divers Watch have recently been updated and feature two new versions, the 1000MV2 and the 1000M GMT. Our new 2000M Professional Dive watch features a 44mm case with an automatic Helium Escape Valve.  Our  600M Chronograph Dive Watch features a unique locking pusher mechanism that operates counter to any other chronograph on the market.  UTS watches are 100% hand-made in Germany, from the highest quality surgical grade stainless German steel case, sapphire crystals, Swiss movements – and our signature hex screws and separate lugs. Our watches are machined from solid block of stainless steel in our own workshop.  With tolerance levels of a few thousandths of a millimetre. Each watch is hand assembled and personally tested by mechanical engineer Nicolaus Spinner. A German case with a Swiss heart! All of our watches include a full 2 year (non transferable) warranty.
German watchmaker Nicolaus Spinner
-A mechanical engineer by trade, had previously been in charge of solving complex technical manufacturing problems for other well known watch companies, and industrial clients. Years ago Herr. Spinners background and deep passion for watches lead to an obvious conclusion. When he could not find a watch on the market that met his own strict demands, he made one himself. Twelve years have past since he made his first watch case the “UTS Commander” (now sold out). An evolutionary process continues to this day. Spinner is  not content to allow anyone else to fabricate a watch case he would put his name on. So he continues to  personally build and assemble each watch himself.  Herr. Spinner says “As an engineer, I always want to take a look behind the scenes, I’m a bit of a fanatic.”
-President and CEO. UTS Watches, Inc. says “It’s the technical element that makes a UTS Watch different.” Design, and sales and marketing support of CEO of UTS Watches, Inc. North America The  UTS brand has become well known and widely admired among watch collectors worldwide. UTS Watches have appeared for the past 3 consecutive years in Wristwatch Annual, and are regularly featured in watch magazines such as Watchtime, International Watch, Watch Journal, and other magazines in Europe and Asia. Stephen, shares Nicolaus’s passion for watches as well as engineering and design.
UTS Watches
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by John Moore on UTS Watches
UTS Watches

Film maker and Director John Moore (Max Payne, The Omen, among others) says

"I first saw UTS Watches in Watchtime magazine and was blown away by the strong , confidant simplicity of the watch. It seems to have a sense of brooding lethality, like it "knows" how strong, how good it is so it doesn't shout about it! I'm a huge fan of UTS Watches"