German Dive Watches

Discover the epitome of craftsmanship with UTS München Dive watches—meticulously handcrafted in Germany. Our German-made Diver watches are born from solid blocks of stainless steel, meticulously machined in our own workshop in Munich. Whether you’re a discerning collector seeking the ultimate timepiece or searching for an heirloom watch to pass down through generations, our unique handmade watches exceed expectations.

While we specialize in diving watches, our collection also includes Chronograph and manual wind wristwatches, all fitted with the highest quality Swiss automatic movements. Each of our German mechanical watches is a limited edition, available exclusively through direct contact with us.

UTS 600M Chronograph

Why choose a German watch? Germany boasts a rich heritage of renowned brands like Sinn, Nomos, and Glashütte Original, alongside UTS, proudly manufacturing our own watch cases for over 18 years. Explore our brand collection and you’ll notice the absence of a shopping cart—each watch is exclusive and available only through direct contact with us.

Experience the essence of German craftsmanship and exclusivity with UTS München Dive watches—contact us today to discover your perfect timepiece.

UTS Watches
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by Dr. Brian S on UTS Watches
Customer for life

I just received my new watch and absolutely love it.. It’s exactly what I wanted and is exceptionally comfortable with the rubber strap. As I mentioned previously, I have been an avid watch collector for over 30 years and at one time had over 25 watches in my collection including: Rolex, Breitling, Panerai, Audemars Piguet, Patek Phillipe and Breguet. I have sold all of them except my four UTS’s and a dress Patek Phillipe. There is no need to own any other watch and if I add any others to my collection, they will be UTS’s. Thanks for exceptional watches and phenomenal customer service, I will be a customer for life.

Thanks again!


by Todd M on UTS Watches
Loyal customer

I own 5 UTS watches, all are superlative. I cannot recommend them enough!

by Jennifer on UTS Watches
Wedding gift

Dear Stephen, thank you for your fantastic service! My husband James loves his new UTS Divers watch! You were right on the size too, he was able to wear it right away. Thank you Jennifer

by William J on UTS Watches
Divers watch

Precision, German engineering that is my UTS!

by Jim A on UTS Watches
German watches

Knowing that one man personally designed and made my watch appeals to me. The vision of Nicolaus Spinner rests on my wrist each day and precisely indicates the time. Mine is the 1,000M Diver and it is unlike any watch I have ever owned.

by KWA on UTS Watches
Incredible Watch!


After 5 years of reading about it, waiting (too long) and wishing I had one, I finally purchased this incredible timepiece, my first UTS watch. If you’re reading this, you’re probably like me and may own one or more of a plethora of the more commercially popular Swiss made watches. Trust me, this watch is better. Much better.

Here’s why…:

(1) Very high quality. The moment you open the Pelican case, hold your watch in your hands and put it on your wrist, you know you just bought something special. The look, the weight, the feel, the heft, the way it seems like you can hear the solid links wrap around your fingers and wrist. Immediately, you recognize there’s nothing like it. Then as you dig in to set the time, date and wind it…one word pops in mind…wow.

(2) Uniqueness. Breitling, Omega and Tag…it seems everyone owns one, especially the entry level models. These and others are about as unique as Affliction t-shirts at a UFC event. Every time I’m out, someone will compliment my UTS and admire it as I let them hold it and try it on. I share “the story of UTS” and I know they’ll scramble for the website the first chance they get. Again, like you, I’ve spent hours trying on watches at Tourneau and and other fine shops, and I have seen nothing that resembles UTS.

(3) Price point: Are you kidding me? I’m still shocked. This kind of quality (and uniqueness) for these price points. Yeah, you can go out and drop $6k for a Submariner or $8k for a Panerai, and know that people will ooh and ahh, and think you’re the man. Or, you can drop half that, get a better watch and still have complete strangers ooh and aah, confirming you ARE the man.

(4) Wearability: You will not want to take it off. I have other great watches (B & Rs, Chopard, Omega and Corum) just sitting there, calling my name, feeling neglected and unappreciated. Once you wear your UTS for any period of time, the moment you swap it out for one of the others, the others feel light, puny and underwhelming.

(5) Appreciation: Shortly after I received my watch (overnight), I received a personal email from Stephen Newman, President and CEO of UTS, thanking me for my purchase. This was the second e-mail from Stephen…the first was an offer to size the bracelet for me. Don’t recall receiving any love from the other watch companies. Did get a big receipt though.

I know you may be thinking “what ever” and “WHAT EVER”, but trust me. It took me 5 years to pull the trigger and buy my UTS.Man, am I glad I did. Hmm,hmm,hmm.


by William Pepper on UTS Watches
UTS 2000m, 1000mGMT, and 500m

UTS watches represent a new standard in dive or sport watches. They have a straightforward design that is flawlessly executed. I especially like the balance each of my UTS watches have. Although they are solid, even heavy watches, they are always comfortable due to their balance. I cannot recommend them enough.

by IW Magazine on UTS Watches
German Watches

IW Magazine Says”

UTS makes all of its cases in-house from a single block of stainless steel, with each part milled individually in Spinner’s workshop, and though Spinner’s expertise is in the engineering and manufacture of cases.

Collectors would be hard pressed to find original cases machined in-house in Germany on watches priced so affordably. This is in large part to the firm’s direct sales distribution.”

by Adam Craniotes on UTS Watches
UTS Watches, the Best

I’m pretty much set for life, never mind the fact that my collection includes examples from Rolex, IWC, Omega, Kobold, Ikepod, and Panerai (to say nothing of my vintage pieces). Were I to sell them all off tomorrow, it wouldn’t matter so long as I still had these two beauties in my possession; to say that UTS stands heads and shoulders above the rest is an understatement. The attention to detail is astounding, and the craftsmanship almost defies belief, particularly in light of the fact that a single person is responsible for the construction of both


Where to begin? The 3000M (white lume dial, in this case), is an elegant beast that is perfectly

balanced on my wrist in spite of its considerable heft. The bezel — floating on ceramic ball bearings — turns with delectable precision, and the lume stops just short of being radioactive. And while I’ll never come close to approaching it’s rated depth limits (unless I was tossed overboard in the Marianas Trench with lead weights attached to my ankles), the fact that it’s engineered to such a degree to survive at 3000 meters is an incredible feat in anyone’s book.

As for the Diver Chrono, I’m almost at a loss for words. The PVD finish is flawless and durable, the contrasting anthracite subdials with their concentric guilloche are stunning, the counters reset precisely to zero, and as with my 3000M, the lume is nuclear (the lumed subdials are a nice touch as well). And then we have the reverse-action locking pushers that screw down in the opposite direction of pretty

much every other chronograph on the market. It’s such a terrific idea that one is forced to wonder why no one thought of it sooner. Well, Herr Spinner thought of it, and that’s all that matters.

Mr. Newman was a true gentleman throughout every aspect of our correspondence, from my first tentative email to the hour-long phone call that preceded my order. He is personable, knowledgeable, open, honest, and genuinely in love with his work and the products that he sells — and believe me, it shows. My watch showed up fitted perfectly for my wrist, with the time and date set, as well as a personal note wishing me well with the impending birth of my second child. In all my life, I don’t believe that I’ve ever received such treatment from the owner of a company whose products I was purchasing.

All in all, dealing with UTS was a delight from beginning to end, and I look forward to adding more of their fantastic pieces to my collection in the future.



by Luke Tani on UTS Watches
UTS the ultimate watch

UTS, the Ultimate Timepiece & Service

OK, so UTS actually stands for Uhren Technik Spinner but if you ever dealt with UTS, you’d understand. Every watch produced by UTS has a soul considering that one person, Herr Spinner, machines and assembles each piece personally.

The ceramic ball bearing system on the bezel of my 3000M PVD is amazing and the lockig bezel mechanism is flawless.I ordered mine with PloProf hands and the attention to detail was quite nice. The dot on the locking mechanism was painted orange to match the minute hand.

Stephen Newman deals with each customer as though you are his only customer. He listened to my requirements and made it happen.As with a 600M chrono I ordered from him, he ensured that I received the watch(es) with the Time and date already set to your timezone and that the bracelet is sized to your wrist.

Back to the watch… don’t be intimidated by the height. The body is perfectly balanced and comfortable with the bracelet as well as the rubber strap.

These watches function as advertised and built to do what they’re supposed to do. I wore the 3000M on my dives in Curacao and the dial easily readable at depth. The bezel action was smooth and the locking mechanism such a convenience.

I definitely drank the UTS kool-aid and after only a month with the 3000M, I’m already looking for a way to fund a 2000M Pacific Blue Horizon.