Divers Chronograph

Introducing the 600M Chronograph Diver: a game-changer in professional chronograph dive watches, proudly crafted in Germany. Designed to redefine industry standards, the UTS Divers Chronograph professional boasts a 600M rating and a host of innovative features.

Featuring a large dial and our signature Super-Luminova, this timepiece ensures absolute legibility in all conditions, making it the ultimate companion for underwater exploration.

But what truly sets this watch apart is our revolutionary locking chronograph pushers, designed by none other than Herr. Spinner himself. Unlike standard systems, these pushers operate in the opposite fashion, offering extreme protection by turning the pusher upwards to fully lock into place.

Experience unrivaled performance and unmatched innovation with the 600M Chronograph Diver – the pinnacle of German engineering in dive watches.

  • German Made Stainless Steel Case 1.4404
    Brushed finish
    Diameter: 42MM Case / 44MM bezel 16,5mm height
    175gram weight (on rubber strap)
    280gram weight (on bracelet)
    ETA 7750 Swiss Chronograph
    Super-Luminova applied markers
    Super-Luminova applied hands
    multiple industrial grade seals
    60 position ccw rotating Divers Bezel
    Screw down crown
    Locking Chronograph pusher system
    A/R Coated Sapphire crystal front
    600M depth rated
    Limited to 200
    Solid case back affixed by hex screws
    Milled steel lugs affixed by hex screws
    22MM Bracelet / Strap
    Black/Anthracite dial
    Black/Anthracite/Blue dial
    Case made in-house Munich Germany
    Assembled in-house Munich Germany
    Package: Indestructible Case

Experience the precision of German engineering with our Divers Chronograph, boasting a conservative 600m rating that reflects the expertise of our engineers. Each watch undergoes rigorous testing, surpassing printed specifications to ensure uncompromising performance in the most demanding conditions.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our Divers Chronograph features in-house case construction, showcasing our commitment to quality and craftsmanship. The thick sapphire crystal, enhanced with A/R coating on the underside, guarantees scratch-proof visibility of the highly legible dial, illuminated by signature super Luminova for optimal readability, even in the darkest diving conditions.

Designed for functionality and ease of use, the watch boasts a well-thought-out crown with thick grooves for effortless manipulation of the turning bezel. Powered by the workhorse Swiss-made ETA 7750 (“Valjoux”) movement, this timepiece offers unparalleled accuracy and reliability.

Each watch is further adjusted to 5 positions by Nicolaus Spinner, who also meticulously crafts the watch case himself in Munich, Germany. Limited to 200 pieces, our Divers Chronograph is a testament to German engineering excellence and precision craftsmanship.

UTS German made Chronograph Diver 600m
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 5 reviews
by Keith Law on UTS German made Chronograph Diver 600m
A superb watch

This is my second UTS watch. It is truly beautiful

From the dimensions it ought to be a large, obtrusive piece of steel strapped to your wrist, thanks to the design it neither feels or looks obtrusive, but rather what it’s meant to be ie a superb example of horological craftmanship. Functionally it’s great, it’s tough as heck and look marvellous .

by William G on UTS German made Chronograph Diver 600m
UTS Chrono

I have worn this watch non stop for a year. As an pilot I find the Chronograph function very useful. And the watch just looks great the fit and finish is second to none. It keeps accurate time both in the air and on land. It’s my favorite watch I recommend this to anyone who wants a special Chronograph.

by Tony Larson on UTS German made Chronograph Diver 600m
UTS Chronograph

I could not be happier with this watch! The attention to detail is outstanding. The dial is beautiful with a two tone black and grey color, the luminova is very bright in the dark. I love how the Chronograph pushers have a reverse locking system very unique and looks great locked or unlocked. This watch has a lot of technical details going for it and looks great. For a watch made by hand and just one of 200 I’m quite pleased with my purchase. I highly recommend the UTS Chronograph.

by Adam Craniotes on UTS German made Chronograph Diver 600m
Simply amazing watches

3000M and PVD Diver Chronograph

Between the two of these exceptional watches, I’m

pretty much set for life, never mind the fact that my

collection includes examples from Rolex, IWC,

Omega, Kobold, Ikepod, and Panerai (to say

nothing of my vintage pieces). Were I to sell them

all off tomorrow, it wouldn’t matter so long as I still

had these two beauties in my possession; to say

that UTS stands heads and shoulders above the

rest is an understatement. The attention to detail is

astounding, and the craftsmanship almost defies

belief, particularly in light of the fact that a single

person is responsible for the construction of both


Where to begin? The 3000M (white lume dial, in

this case), is an elegant beast that is perfectly

balanced on my wrist in spite of its considerable

heft. The bezel — floating on ceramic ball bearings

— turns with delectable precision, and the lume

stops just short of being radioactive. And while I’ll

never come close to approaching it’s rated depth

limits (unless I was tossed overboard in the

Marianas Trench with lead weights attached to my

ankles), the fact that it’s engineered to such a

degree to survive at 3000 meters is an incredible

feat in anyone’s book.

As for the Diver Chrono, I’m almost at a loss for

words. The PVD finish is flawless and durable, the

contrasting anthracite subdials with their concentric

guilloche are stunning, the counters reset precisely

to zero, and as with my 3000M, the lume is nuclear

(the lumed subdials are a nice touch as well). And

then we have the reverse-action locking pushers

that screw down in the opposite direction of pretty

much every other chronograph on the market. It’s

such a terrific idea that one is forced to wonder why

no one thought of it sooner. Well, Herr Spinner

thought of it, and that’s all that matters.

Mr. Newman was a true gentleman throughout

every aspect of our correspondence, from my first

tentative email to the hour-long phone call that

preceded my order. He is personable, knowledgeable, open, honest, and genuinely in

love with his work and the products that he sells —

and believe me, it shows. My watch showed up

fitted perfectly for my wrist, with the time and date

set, as well as a personal note wishing me well with

the impending birth of my second child. In all my

life, I don’t believe that I’ve ever received such

treatment from the owner of a company whose

products I was purchasing.

All in all, dealing with UTS was a delight from

beginning to end, and I look forward to adding

more of their fantastic pieces to my collection in the




by Fred Rivers on UTS German made Chronograph Diver 600m
Chronograph Divers watch

This Chronograph Divers from UTS is a rock solid watch. It is accurate, has very legible dial, bright glowing hands and markers. The design is perfect! As a diver I actually find a Chronograph very useful. Both in the water and out. A Chronograph that works underwater is hard to find and the UTS Chronograph divers watch get’s an A+ for the following reasons:

1) Accuracy: A+

2) Luminova: A+

3) Design: A+

4) Comfort: A+

5) Water resistance: A+