2000M Dive Watch

Introducing our 2000 meter dive watch, the 2,000M, meticulously crafted in-house by UTS in Munich, Germany. Boasting a distinctive design and unparalleled functionality, this timepiece is a testament to German engineering excellence.

Designed to withstand the most challenging underwater environments, the 2,000M features a Helium Escape Valve, a feature unique to this model. Its innovative design includes a 44mm diameter bezel paired with a 42mm central case, maximizing performance without compromising on comfort.

Powered by our own Automatic Helium Escape Valve (HEV) and Swiss ETA 2824-2 movement, each component is expertly assembled by Mechanical Engineer Nicolaus Spinner, ensuring precision and reliability. The large dial, adorned with applied super-luminova, guarantees optimal visibility in low-light conditions.

Crafted from solid German steel with a CNC-machined case, the 2,000M is built to last. Its engraved bezel offers 60 click positions for precise timing, while the locking and sealing crown provide superior water protection. Complete with a 4mm sapphire crystal and A/R coated black dial, this dive watch combines style with functionality for the ultimate underwater adventure.

Experience the pinnacle of dive watch craftsmanship with the 2,000M by UTS.

  • German Made Stainless Steel Case 1.4404
    Brushed finish
    Diameter: 42MM
    16,5mm height
    170gram weight (on rubber strap
    275gram weight with bracelet (no links removed)
    ETA 2824-2 Swiss Automatic Movement
    Super-Luminova applied markers
    Super-Luminova applied hands
    multiple industrial grade seals.
    60 position ccw rotating Divers Bezel
    Screw down crown
    A/R Coated Sapphire crystal front
    2000M / 200 bar rated
    Automatic Helium Escape Valve
    Limited to 200
    Solid case back affixed by hex screws
    Milled steel lugs affixed by hex screws
    22MM Bracelet / Strap
    Case made in-house Munich Germany
    Assembled in-house Munich Germany
    Package: Indestructible Case

A custom made natural Italian divers strap with stainless steel thumbnail buckle,and an optional solid link stainless steel custom made bracelet. complete the package. Limited to only 200 per series. We offer this watch with a black dial with either white or red second hand. Or our Pacific Horizon Blue dial.

2000M Professional German Dive watch
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by Andrew on 2000M Professional German Dive watch
Incredible watch!

I’ve only had my UTS 2000M for a month or so but it has quickly become one of my favorite watches – I can barely pry it off my wrist! I Just love the simplicity of the dial, the gently sculpted bezel, the case finishing and the unique lugs. The whole thing just reeks of quality and attention to detail. A beautifully crafted timepiece, both rugged and elegant at the same time. I’m sure another UTS is in my future.

by Zach A on 2000M Professional German Dive watch

So I was about to finish a difficult sophmore year at college and wanted to treat myself to a fine timepeice. After months of searching, it was between the Kobold Arctic Diver and The UTS 2000m…You can guess which one I picked. Basically, what won me over was the fine craftsmanship, unique design, amazing customer service, and the immaculate reviews. As far as the watch design, there is really nothing else like it out there. Not only is it a tough and solid peice, but it is very comfortable to wear. In fact, it is without a doubt the most comfortable watch I own.

The customer service is second to none. Stephen Newman, the president and CEO, responded to all of my many emails quickly and was very helpful and courteous on the phone. He was a real pleasure to do business with and wasn’t pushy whatsoever.

I am also BLOWN AWAY by the level of craftsmanship of the timepeice. All UTS watches are handmade by Herr Spinner in Germany. His attention to detail and dedication to his craft really shows in his watches. The finsihing on the case is a work of art and the bezel movement clicks with authority and accuracy, yet is smooth at the same time.

I have had my UTS 2000m for about a month now and I love it more and more with each day. But I must confess, I do have my eye on the UTS 3000m already!! I’m saving my pennies!!


by KWA on 2000M Professional German Dive watch
Incredible Watch


After 5 years of reading about it, waiting (too long) and wishing I had one, I finally purchased this incredible timepiece, my first UTS watch. If you’re reading this, you’re probably like me and may own one or more of a plethora of the more commercially popular Swiss made watches. Trust me, this watch is better. Much better.

Here’s why…:

(1) Very high quality. The moment you open the Pelican case, hold your watch in your hands and put it on your wrist, you know you just bought something special. The look, the weight, the feel, the heft, the way it seems like you can hear the solid links wrap around your fingers and wrist. Immediately, you recognize there’s nothing like it. Then as you dig in to set the time, date and wind it…one word pops in mind…wow.

(2) Uniqueness. Breitling, Omega and Tag…it seems everyone owns one, especially the entry level models. These and others are about as unique as Affliction t-shirts at a UFC event. Every time I’m out, someone will compliment my UTS and admire it as I let them hold it and try it on. I share “the story of UTS” and I know they’ll scramble for the website the first chance they get. Again, like you, I’ve spent hours trying on watches at Tourneau and and other fine shops, and I have seen nothing that resembles UTS.

(3) Price point: Are you kidding me? I’m still shocked. This kind of quality (and uniqueness) for these price points. Yeah, you can go out and drop $6k for a Submariner or $8k for a Panerai, and know that people will ooh and ahh, and think you’re the man. Or, you can drop half that, get a better watch and still have complete strangers ooh and aah, confirming you ARE the man.

(4) Wearability: You will not want to take it off. I have other great watches (B & Rs, Chopard, Omega and Corum) just sitting there, calling my name, feeling neglected and unappreciated. Once you wear your UTS for any period of time, the moment you swap it out for one of the others, the others feel light, puny and underwhelming.

(5) Appreciation: Shortly after I received my watch (overnight), I received a personal email from Stephen Newman, President and CEO of UTS, thanking me for my purchase. This was the second e-mail from Stephen…the first was an offer to size the bracelet for me. Don’t recall receiving any love from the other watch companies. Did get a big receipt though.

I know you may be thinking “what ever” and “WHAT EVER”, but trust me. It took me 5 years to pull the trigger and buy my UTS. Man, am I glad I did. Hmm,hmm,hmm.


by Mark Fong on 2000M Professional German Dive watch

What took me so long to get one! I’ve admired these watches for years. Finally I decided to take the plunge. The 2000m with pacific horizon blue dial won me over. I was concerned it would be to big for my small(ish) sized wrist: but as others have said the UTS case is unique. It’s perfectly balanced and is a great looking watch. I wish I got one sooner! Won’t be my last UTS that is for sure. The blue dial is aptly named Pacific Horizon as it captures the beauty of the pacific ocean. It’s really something you have to see. I wear my watch 24/7 surfing, working, running it’s a perfect companion.

Aloha from Hawaii

Mark Fong.

by Robert D on 2000M Professional German Dive watch
My favorite dive watch

To begin, all UTS watches are fantastic in terms of build quality, accuracy, design and reading ease. But the pinnacle of all of the UTS models is the 2000. I have two of them along with many other much more expensive dive watches. I would take the 2000 over the others every time for being unique, comfortable and rugged all at the same time. And Stephen is a pleasure to deal with.

by Dave Powers on 2000M Professional German Dive watch
Professional Diver

I am a professional diver and I will be the first to say 2000M is beyond what you will ever dive to. Having said that, there is a reason to buy a Divers watch with a high water rating. Figure a car which can drive 150miles per hour. You wont go this first, but the car has the ability to do so. Like this watch, it was built to extreme specifications and it is a very capable diver. I do underwater welding and salvage, I need a capable diver watch to work with and be able to wear it after work as well. I saw an advertisement for the UTS 2000M in Watchtime magazine and it was between this and the new Rolex DSSD. I choose the UTS after discussing watches with Mr. Newman at UTS for well over 2 hours on the phone. His attention to detail. and the resulting watch I received have made be believer. this watch has not left my wrist in a year. It keeps time within COSC specs and has never let me down. It’s not a small watch but designed in a unique way that it is not too long which helps since my wrist is not too big! I highly recommend UTS.